Frequently Asked Questions about Stickywallet

Does the Stickywallet fit onto my smartphone?

The Stickywallet fits on every smartphone or smartphone cover which is bigger then the size of a credit card and has a flat back. Our product is at least suitable for:

  • Apple iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and 5S
  • Samsung S3, S4 and S5
  • Sony Xperia
  • And many others

When checking whether your phone is suitable please keep in mind that the Stickywallet should not obstruct your smartphone’s camera, microphone or speaker when putting against the back of your phone. Please be aware that the Stickywallet might not fit when you use a bumper to protect your smartphone.


How can I put my Stickywallet onto my smartphone?

It is very easy to put your Stickywallet on your smartphone. First you have to clean the back of your phone. Use the alcohol whipe supplied with your Stickywallet. After cleaning you can peel off the backing of your Stickywallet and place it gently onto the back of your phone. Make sure you do it correct at once. Put your most essential cards in your Stickywallet and you are ready to go!


How does the Stickywallet attach onto my smartphone?

The Stickywallet contains an adhesive backing. This backing will not damage your phone. You can easily remove the Stickywallet.


How many cards can the Stickywallet hold?

The Stickywallet is made of a high quality spandex. Due to the elastic fibre we advise you to put no more than 4 cards in your Stickywallet. Putting more than 4 cards into your Stickywallet can damage the product irreparable due to stretched out fabric.


Do I need to be afraid that my cards will be de-magnetized?

No, not at all! You can be sure that all your cards are safe in your Stickywallet.


Can I remove the Stickywallet easily from my smartphone?

Yes! It is not difficult to remove the Stickywallet from your smartphone. Be aware that once removed it is not possible to stick the Stickywallet back on to your smartphone. All residu can be removed easily from your phone.

How can I order?

It is very easy to order at Stickywallet. Just add the product into the shopping cart and proceed to the checkout to fill in your address and select your payment method.


How can I pay?

We offer the following payment methods: iDEAL, Mister Cash, Paypal, Sofort Banking, Credit Cards and Bank transfers for European accounts in the SEPA zone. No extra costs will be charged for payments.




Please be aware that orders with payment via bank transfer will take more time, because these orders will be processed after receiving the payment. If you want to pay by bank transfer please contact us so we can send you our bank account details.

Please be aware that unfortunately it is not possible to pay with AMEX.

Do you ship worldwide?

We ship our products to every part of the world and we try to ship all orders within 24 hours after receiving the order. Orders will be shipped from the Netherlands.


What is the expected delivery time?

Orders for the Netherlands have a delivery time of approximately 1-2 days. Orders to European countries will be delivered within 3-8 days. Orders to non-European countries have a transit time of approximately 10-15 days. Delivery times may vary due to unforeseen problems.


Do you charge any shipping & handling fees?

We charge a small fee for handling and shipping costs, except for orders sent to an address in the Netherlands. For European shipments we charge 2,99 euro per order. All orders to non-European countries will be charged with a fixed fee of 4,99 euro. When you spend more than 30,00 euro we will not charge any extra shipping & handling costs.


Are prices included VAT and taxes?

All prices include 21% Dutch VAT. Consumers from outside the EU are not subject to 21% Dutch VAT. Prices are shown without VAT to consumers from outside the EU. We are not responsible for any import duties, fees, customs charges, VAT or taxes that you may have to pay when your shipment enter your country or state. International orders are normally subject to local import fees, duty, customs, VAT charges or additional taxes in the country of destination.

How can I return my Stickywallet?

According European legislation you have the possibility to return your product within 14 days after receipt without any reason. If you want to do so please send an e-mail within 14 days after receipt of your order. We will respond via e-mail with our Return (RMA) procedure information. After receiving the goods in the original packaging and unused we will refund the complete order amount.

Any shipping costs or fees for returning the goods to us are non refundable.


What is the warranty? 

We feel responsible for quality and therefore we introduced a 24 months warranty. Please be aware that you should not carry more than 4 cards in the Stickywallet. If you have any problem with your Stickywallet please send an e-mail to with your problem explained. After the receipt of your e-mail we will send you a warranty code, which you can use to order a new product online. Problems due to manufacturing issues are always replaced for free. For other issues only shipping costs will be charged.